Helichrysum Hercegovina d.o.o

We want to introduce to you “Helichrysum Herzegovina d.o.o “, a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our work is based on organic farming of Hellicrysum Itallicum (immortelle), Inula Graveolens (Sweet Inula), and Satureja montana.
Aside from that, we are collecting wild herbs from our region like Salvia officinalis, Satureja montana ,Daucus carota subsp. carota,Vitex agnus castus,,Juniperus communis,Laurus nobilis,Abies alba ,Pinus silvestis,Pinus nigra.
Our final product is essential oil and hydrosol of great quality which we produce through steam distillation.
We have all of the necessary GC/MS analyses.
Our firm is located in the southern region of Herzegovina. This location is known for its plentiful wild medicinal and aromatic herbs. For centuries, these herbs have been exported within Europe, as well as other continents.
It is important to note that the southern region of Herzegovina, known for its climate, geology, and its large number of sunny days, is a natural reservation for these kinds of herbs. This region is not surrounded by any industries; thus, no industrial pollution is ever created. Lack of industrial pollution is a prerequisite for organic production.
Currently, we are working with 50Ha of land on which our plantations are located.
Yearly, we produce around 600 to 650 kg of high quality essential oil and 50.0000 lit hydrosola.
We own a distillery where we follow strict rules of the production process of essential oils.
With this presentation of our company, our goal is direct cooperation with importers, distributors and producers, so that our pure and organically produced essential oil can reach clients.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards.